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Listen to our community share their story to inspire each and every one of us. Staying true to our belief that every person has a story to share we aspire to bring you real, authentic stories. 

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The She Connect mission is to unite women across Australia. She Connect wants to help unleash female potential by creating meaningful connections among women to raise each other up. Supporting women from all walks of life means She Connect have got your back no matter where you are on the journey.    


We feel it's our responsibility to help the community recognise women are more powerful together. The sisterhood still holds an important place in the discussion about inclusion, diversity and equality because without truly supporting one another it’s impossible to move forward. We want women all Australia to feel like they have a community of likeminded, passionate women who have their back. 

Stand Together. Stand Stronger.


She Connect aims to empower women and our community by sharing;  

Engaging and up-to-date content on our News Feed

Authentic storytelling on our Podcast 

Driving action by bringing people together at our Events 

Demonstrating our confidence with our exclusive She Connect Products 

She Connect are so proud to be on this journey with each and every one of you.  

Our Founder

A little about me...


Sydney born and bred, I’m a marketer with over 8 years’ experience and specialise in strategic brand building. During my time in corporate marketing my passion for bringing innovative solutions to women and mothers developed, it was from here that my sense of responsibility to drive women’s inclusion grew. 

I’ve become a fierce advocate of women’s Press for Progress movement, as society moves towards true inclusion I feel it’s my duty to be at the forefront of change, leading the way. This new journey with She Connect excites me and I cannot wait to bring this vision to life. 

Stand Together. Stand Stronger.  


Sonia Gee

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